• Mistress Ninah Sophia

On being a sexy Cougar.

There is a new breed of women in my age range and perhaps even much older . Ladies in the likes of Jane Fonda, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Christie Brinkley and Nicole Murphy. Its a new thing ladies in their mid forties and way beyond are breaking the status quo in the aging in Hollywood.

They are strong, looking young and are in charge, which I admit is what I admire the most. Not to mention the hope it gives me since I am quickly approaching those dreadful face /body sagging years that are to come if I manage to get through tonight.

I feel full of energy and drive still, but I have noticed the uncertainties of waking up with a limp for no apparent reason at all. I called them new developments, because it really happen from one day to the next. I have never felt better and the sex at this time in my life is fabulous. I am not against aging gracefully but it does not have to be shamelessly. I am going to keep it totally real, I give a f--- about how I look. However, giving up and walking around defeated by gravity is not my style. Vane absolutely.